When you’re just getting started as a carpet or flooring business, it can be hard to find leads—you need to get your name out there somehow, and buying leads is a time-tested way to do that. However, if you’re not careful, you could end up paying for leads that don’t bring in any revenue. Here are common mistakes carpet & flooring contractors make when buying leads. This should help you make sure your paid leads pay off.


Purchasing general lead lists is one of the most common mistakes that flooring contractors make when buying leads. These lead lists may have prospects that aren’t looking for flooring work. You need to know your ideal customer. Not everyone who needs floor work is your customer. For example, are your customers bargain shoppers or those in high-end luxury homes? Are your services for residential only or commercial and residential?


In line with the previous mistake, buying a lead doesn’t mean buying a customer. After your purchase, there’s still work that needs to be done to convert the lead into a customer.

3. Not Setting Your Business Apart from the Competition

You won’t be the only business with a lead’s contact information. You have to set your flooring company apart from the competition by offering unique solutions to a prospective customer’s needs.

4. Failing to Research Purchased Leads

After you buy leads, you need to investigate the prospects you’ve purchased. You’ll want to check the accuracy of customer information and whether it is still valid.

5. Only Looking for One Type of Lead

Chances are you offer more than one service. Don’t just buy leads for your most expensive service. By spreading your budget out to purchase leads for all the services you offer, you can maximize your conversions. Likewise, make sure to track which lead types are converting the most, then place more emphasis on those leads.

6. Waiting to Contact Leads

Potential leads are looking for flooring services now, not next week. If you take too long to move on your leads, you’ll lose them. Plus, being responsive will start the customer experience off right.

7. Using “Hard” Outreach

Approaching potential customers with “hard sell” marketing tactics before cultivating the relationship can backfire. Take the time to fully understand their needs, then present how you can meet those needs better than any other flooring contractor.

8. Failing to Use Multiple Marketing Strategies

Your lead lists will have various methods for reaching potential customers, such as phone, email, or social media. Utilize every line of communication available to maximize results. When clearly understand who your ideal customers are, you will know what social media platform they are active at and what mode of communication they prefer. Know the different kinds of marketing strategies that we offer and talk to us to determine which ones are the best for your type of business.

9. Relying Too Much on Purchased Leads

Leads buying should supplement your other marketing efforts, not replace them. Make sure to build a search engine optimized website with effective calls to action, optimize your Google My Business, establish your presence on social media, in business directories, and any local venues available to you.

10. Not Setting Up an In-Person Quote Immediately

After a potential customer has shown interest in your flooring services, it’s best to set up an in-person quote as soon as possible rather than delaying or giving rough estimates over the phone. Leads are more likely to convert if they’ve already gone through the trouble of meeting you at their home, letting you take measurements, and write up a quote.

11. Not Following-up on Prospects

The ultimate goal of your marketing efforts is to turn as many prospects as possible into repeat customers. Ensure that you follow up after giving a quote and nurture the customer after providing service. Nurturing a customer after the completion of their flooring work ensures that your business is the first one in their mind when they need more flooring work. Now that you know more about how to buy leads,
if you want professional marketing that’s sure to convert any prospect into a long-time customer, call/text All flooring advertisement at 720-600-7337. We work with only flooring contractors and may have already researched your ideal customers – know their interests, habits, challenges, and aspiration. This makes us more effective than other digital market agencies that provide services to all businesses.

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