What is Directory Submission?

To understand directory submission, we should first look at backlinks. Building backlinks is a prominent off-page search engine optimization strategy. A backlink is an inbound link from another web page to a page on your website, and search engine algorithms take these links into account when ranking your site. There are several link building strategies you can follow to build links to your site, and directory submission is one of them. Directory submission is the practice of submitting your website’s URL with a description in a directory under a relevant category to build an authority backlink, boost your page rank, and increase traffic. Submitting links to a contractor directory should form an integral part of any contractor’s SEO strategy. However, in 2020, this strategy alone is not sufficient to get traffic to your website. Let’s take a look at seven reasons why this is the case.

Some Web Directories are Spam

In the past, directories were valuable sources of business contact information and web page links, with information sorted into easy-to-navigate categories. In terms of SEO, these links were worth their weight in gold. As a result, directory submissions became the go-to strategy for many SEO practitioners, who started submitting links in bulk. Today, many directories only exist as sources of backlinks, and Google regards submissions to these directories as black hat SEO, or, in other words, unethical.

Lack of Directory Management

Online directories, even good ones, no longer generate as much money as they use to, and most directory submission services don’t manage their lists anymore. If your strategy is to build links with flooring contractor directory submissions, expect difficulty getting your site approved and long waits for replies.

There are More Effective Link Building Strategies

In addition to directory submissions, you can build links to your site with reciprocal links, guest posts, article marketing, and blog post comments. If you focus on quality and relevance with these link building tactics, they can be just as effective in generating traffic to your site as directory submissions.

Risk of Penalties

When it comes to backlinks, quality is better than quantity. Posting hundreds of links on directories will not help your rankings. On the contrary, many weak links on low-quality lists will hurt your backlink profile, and they can even earn you a Google penalty.

Google Excludes Some Directories

Some directories don’t offer any real value to Google’s users, and the search engine doesn’t feature them in the results pages. Submitting your web page links on these directories will only be a waste of time and can even harm your ranking.

Value and Relevance

Google’s objective is to show its users the most relevant and high-quality results for their searches. The increasing sophistication of search engine algorithms and crawlers allows search engines to determine the user intent behind a search and pinpoint the most valuable results. If your SEO strategy consists of posting links to directories, it will not be sufficient to see an increase in traffic.

On-Page SEO Tactics are Critical

A well-rounded SEO strategy is necessary to increase your website ranking and traffic. In addition to link building, you should also implement on-page SEO factors such as keyword research, content creation and optimization, user experience, mobile-friendliness, and security.

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