Google is one of the first places people go to when looking for information about local businesses, but this can cause problems for most contractors — flooring companies included. After all, websites like Angie’s List are powerful and SEO-optimized, meaning it’s difficult to outrank them. Yet, GMB management services (GMB) can rank any flooring company in their community.

Google My Business can definitely get customers to see your business when they’re looking for flooring services.

Below, you’ll learn one of the most important solutions to this problem: ranking well on Google Maps by optimizing your listings.

The Reasons Flooring Companies Need Google Optimization

According to WebFX, 46% of all Google searches involve people looking for local businesses.

Of those searches, 80% end in a customer conversion.

A lot of people are searching for floor companies on Google, which makes it imperative that you’re there when they do.

Combined with that fact, 75% of searchers don’t go beyond the first page of Google.

The better you rank on Google, the more attention your business is going to get.

That attention lets you turn people into leads, which in turn gives you the opportunity to turn those leads into sales.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that is helping your site rank well on Google is broken into two major categories: Organic SEO and Local SEO.

Organic SEO allows you to rank well for what we think of as typical Google search results – your web page’s name in blue text, combined with a brief description of what the page is about.

We’ll work hard to help you rank organically, but it’s also vital to make sure you’re ranking well locally (i.e. on Google’s maps, with your listings).

Google Listings Need to Be Accurate

When customers search for local businesses, Google’s primary concern is making sure they’re given a list of businesses that they can visit.

This means Google wants to ensure that they’re sending people to the right businesses, and that these businesses are still open.

When listings are inconsistent, Google is less confident as to your location.

This means it’s less inclined to suggest your business to searchers, even if you’re closer and better-rated than a more distant competitor.

There are three aspects of your business that need to be consistent across your website – your business name, address, and phone number.

Along with looking for this information on your website, Google pours over trustworthy directories to determine basic contact information about your business.

This means you or your marketing specialist need to ensure that this information is accurate across a variety of different trustworthy directories.

Optimizing Google Reviews

Along with ensuring that your listings are accurate and consistent, we also want to make sure your business is well-reviewed.

After all, customers are less likely to work with your business if they think you’re doing bad work.

While it’s difficult to get bad reviews removed, we can put in place a program to ensure that happy customers are consistently posting reviews to your listings.

As well as helping people to see the good work you do, reviews are also useful for regularly letting Google know that you’re still open.

Need Help With Local Listing For Your Flooring Company?

DaDigitalSense Marketing is here to help. We’re the results-oriented agency focused exclusively on helping flooring business get business.

For questions and concerns, you can immediately reach us by calling 720-600-7337. You can also get a free quote online.

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