Beautiful and functional websites are the backbone of any business’s marketing plan today. Potential clients turn to the web first when looking for flooring business. Thus, a high-quality website is a crucial tool to earn their trust. But how much should a flooring contractor’s website cost? Let’s take a tour.

What Goes Into Building a Flooring Contractor Website?

Before examining contractor website costs, you need to understand everything involved in building and maintaining one. Dynamic websites saturate today’s market. Dated design, broken functionality, and content behind the SEO curve can damage your business’ marketing rather than boost it.

Monthly Expenses That Keep It Running

Every commercial website has three expenses to keep it up and running: domain purchase, hosting, and its SSL certificate.

Websites lacking an active SSL certificate are flagged as not secure by Google, and many visitors click away from such sites without researching further. Every domain name for your website carries a recurring fee based on the address and purchasing site. Web hosting supplies the storage and power required to be accessible to customers on the internet, and different hosts offer plans varied by features, storage, and bandwidth.

Make It Look Professional

Your flooring contractor website gives customers their first impression of your business. An attractive design on PC or mobile provides a better impression than dated graphics or poor mobile conversion.

Make It Work

As important as good design is when making a first impression, what good is it if your website does not work as it should? A functional and user-friendly website gives your clients an overall impression of professionalism and competence in your business. Various apps, plugins, and widgets provide functionality with a la carte style pricing.

Provide Quality Content That Gets Seen

Your website demands informative, useful, and optimized content. Clients have no patience for websites without informative content, and content without SEO and marketing to back it up gets lost in a sea of competitor sites. As the market grows, search engines shift their algorithms to better sift through thousands of websites, and your content must evolve to meet the demands of these shifts.

Hiring Professionals Versus Going It Alone

The stark difference in flooring contractor website cost when using a service versus going it alone makes the latter look like a budget-saving option, but there are hidden costs to DIY websites.

Building your website will take a significant time investment. Can you afford hours, days, weeks, or even months away from your regular tasks to research and build it yourself?

Pricing Across the Market

A contractor website cost varies based on size, design and functionality options, and who you hire to do the work. A basic hosting plan with a single domain and homegrown website can cost as little as $100-$500 per year, plus the time investment.

Professional websites range from $1000 to over $100,000, depending on the size and complexity of the website and services needed.

The All Flooring Digital Marketing Difference

We are a full-service digital marketing firm specializing in serving flooring contractors. Look beyond the flooring contractor’s website cost to see the return on investment All Flooring Digital Marketing can make for your business. Contact us at 720-600-7337 to get your free quote today.

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