Improving SEO for your flooring contractor website goes beyond text. More people are taking advantage of voice search on smartphones. It’s much easier to speak into a mobile device than to type.

This trend towards convenience means voice search optimization needs special attention.

With 65% of consumers at the age of 25-49 years old talk to their voice-enabled devices daily and close to 50% of people now researching products using voice, it definitely manifests its role in the field of digital marketing.

To enhance your competitive edge, you need to understand voice assistants and how you can benefit from this technology.

Below are the best methods to optimize your flooring website for voice search.

Add an FAQ Page

Voice searches usually involve a question. After researching common queries for a contractor website, you should create a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. A voice assistant can rapidly respond to queries when there are answers to reference. Make sure your FAQ page contains questions that someone would ask out loud.

List Your Local Business

Voice search places a priority on business listings that text search does not. The top search results focus on local products and services. Therefore, it’s smart to list your flooring contractor website on Google My Business. Listing your business assures it doesn’t get lost in a sea of local flooring sites.

What’s more? Google My Business shows your integrity and authority in the industry by being visible on Google Search and Maps.

Speed Up Your Load Time

The quicker a website loads, the higher its SEO ranking. It’s all about convenience. When someone uses voice search, they’re likely in a hurry. If the page they are trying to access doesn’t load quickly, they will grow impatient and move on to the next search result.

You should monitor the load time of your web pages with Google Page Speed Insights. This tool also gives you recommendations on how to optimize your speed.

Provide Short and Simple Content

Users typically ask questions with few words and simple language. This method ensures the voice assistant understands their query and can provide appropriate answers. The content written on a flooring contractor’s website needs to be condensed similarly.

With voice searches, the shortest answers get displayed first. Concise, easy-to-digest content means users will read these answers before other results. The ease and satisfaction of finding fast responses almost guarantee they will revisit your site. This increase in website traffic moves your contracting site up in SEO rankings.

Utilize Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords (phrases of three or more words) are a great way to optimize a contractor’s website for voice search. First, research keywords that people enter when looking for a flooring contractor. Users are specific when they conduct a voice search. The key is to think like your customers.

Voice assistants primarily direct users to a product or service that best matches their request, rather than a long list of choices. Try to narrow down the names, phrases, and types of flooring work you perform. Your long-tail keywords should mirror a consumer’s voice search. These keywords also help optimize featured snippets on your contracting site.

Are you having trouble optimizing your flooring website for voice search? DaDigitalSense Marketing can increase your web traffic, boost your voice search rankings, and raise your business profits.

Call/text us today at 720-600-7337 to discuss reliable voice search optimization for your website.

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