The National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA) is one of the most significant tile contractors associations in the world that focuses specifically on installers of ceramic tiles and natural stone, providing them with industry support, job site safety programs, technical assistance, and marketing program.

The NTCA provides its members with educational programs to promote professional service delivery and continuous business development. One of the known NTCA marketing programs is the “How to Market Your Business Program”.

In this post, we will discuss if this NTCA marketing program in further detail to help you decide if it is worth its $400 price tag.

How to Market Your Business Program Content

Suggested Written Copy :

The most prominent feature of this program is copy templates that you can use to promote your tile installation services. These templates generally follow the Attention – Interest – Desire – Action (AIDA) formula, and you should be able to tweak the scripts for various media, including online paid ads.

In addition to adding basic information such as your business name and location, you will have to change the copy according to your target audience.

For example, if your ideal customer is a commercial building owner, you can incorporate benefits such as low floor maintenance, slip-resistance, and durability into the script.

The benefit of the suggested written copy that you receive with this program is that it eliminates “blank page syndrome.” If you don’t like writing ads from scratch, the suggested copy and the various sample layouts in PDF format will give you a running start.

Stock Images

                          Laying Ceramic Tiles.

In addition to suggested written copy, you will also receive flooring-related stock photos and graphics that you can use in your ads, on your website, and in your marketing emails. These images are of decent quality, and their resolutions are not high enough tonegatively affect your website’s loading speed.

How-To Guide

The how-to guide is relatively comprehensive and deals with the basics of marketing as it pertains to contractors. Even if you have no previous marketing experience, you will find the guide easy to follow and have no problems implementing the principles into your daily operations.

The marketing tools in the guide include conventional strategies and techniques, including market research, signage, cold outreach, print ads, and face-to-face interactions.

These methods are highly effective, and the guide explains these marketing efforts as a step-by-step process that you can follow to onboard commercial and residential customers.


This program is ideal for new business owners who don’t have previous marketing experience. Following the program also forces the business owner to take action and make contact with potential clients, which is crucial to any new business’s success.

However, the program follows a cookie-cutter approach to marketing, which may be challenging to apply to an ever-changing business environment. Another drawback of this program is that its content is somewhat limited.

For the price, the program should, ideally, also explain digital marketing basics, for example, hosting, content management systems, Denver’s email marketing services and SEO essentials. The program also doesn’t provide information on sales funnels or the buying process that customers have to go through. For $400, this program may not be worth it, given that it sticks to the more basic principles of marketing without diving deeper.


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