Get qualified leads through our unique relationship-based multi-channel B2B lead generation and appointment setting service.

DaDigitalSense Marketing provides B2B lead generation that consistently puts qualified leads in your calendar. An effective lead generation service is crucial for the growth of your business. Our unique system applies relationship marketing to lead generation.

Using the data readily available on LinkedIn, we target your ideal customers based on your goals and extend the relationship outside LinkedIn. We use LinkedIn to create relationships and build awareness for your business through relevant content sharing and personal messages to your target audience.

Our workflow is simple and strategic. We research your ideal customers to fully understand their buying behavior and optimize your LinkedIn profile accordingly. We place emphasis on relationship building rather than the churn-and -burn sales tactics you commonly find on LinkedIn. This is a done-for-you service, from creating awareness to building the relationship and setting the appointment. All you need to do is meet with your prospects and convert them to paying customers. With this strategy, your business will have a continuous stream of new customers coming in monthly.

Our Process

To do this effectively we have to:

  1. Understand your goal, your services, and your target audience.
  2. Research your prospect profile and identify primary brand personas.
  3. Optimize your LinkedIn profile to attract these leads.
  4. Manually request connections to selected leads, accompanying each request with a brief personal note.

Unlike other lead generation services, we do not use software, browser extensions or plugins, bots, or other automated methods prohibited by LinkedIn. Our process provides you with a steady flow of sales appointments without jeopardizing your LinkedIn account.

We also target your referral partners– those who are doing business with your potential customers. Unlike traditional referral systems where the person referring customers to you has control over the system, our process is intentional and strategic, putting you in control of the referral system that we develop.

Why Do We Follow This Process?

We understand that not all your target customers are ready to buy right now. In his book “The Ultimate Sales Machine,” Chet Holmes explains the buying phases of a market. Only 3% of people are ready to buy your product/services right now. 

Our process focuses on the top 70% of your target market. Our competitors who treat lead generation like a push button solution, often focus on the top 3% who are ready to buy and use it as a numbers game.

We choose strategy over urgency. Our campaign consists of several layers, microtargeting your ideal clients while maintaining a good relationship. This is why our system is repeatable and reliable and enhances your chances for positive conversion.

Personal Messaging and Follow-up

The secret sauce to winning more customers is to initiate a conversation with them using a personal touch then following-up without being annoying. People respond positively when they feel that you are talking to them personally, as individuals, not through mass messaging. Personal messaging is crucial to develop trust and a lasting business relationship.

We also share content on LinkedIn on your behalf and engage with your prospect as much as possible. The content of our message is geared towards building relationships and customer education. By consistently providing value, you have a chance of winning over the 3% who are ready to do business with you now, while nurturing, and following up with the other 67% until they are ready. No pushy salesy process, just good ongoing relationships, and creating top-of-mind awareness. Our goal is to maintain that friendly and gentle relationship until they are ready to meet with you. We set up the appointment on your calendar.

Our process will fill your pipeline with a consistent flow of qualified sales opportunities, without annoying your prospects. To get details on how the process works, schedule a time with us.