Marketing For Physical Therapists with HIPAA Compliance

Are you a Physical Therapist in need of more clients? We help Physical Therapists get more clients while complying with HIPAA. Imagine your client base increasing by 50% within 6 months and you did not spend on expensive ads. That’s what we did for Synergy Sports and Rehab, a Physical Therapy Clinic in Parker, Colorado. That’s what we can do for you. We help physical therapists grow their Practice by ensuring that they have an online presence that is effective, compelling, and attractive to clients.

Marketing For Physical Therapists with HIPAA Compliance

How We Do It

We start with the critical marketing systems that do not include paid ads. We implement Reputation, Resell, Lead Capture and Lead Nurturing Systems consistently to maximize ROI, while complying with HIPAA.

If you are like most Physical Therapists, you have some type of marketing in place and may already be implementing some Reputation and Resell strategies but without consistency and proper follow-through that includes strategic nurturing. We help find the gap in your marketing and utilize technology and automation to perfectly implement the success growth formula, while complying with HIPAA.

We begin by enhancing, protecting, and maintaining your online reputation so that when leads find you, they know they have found the best PT Clinic. We influence the perception of your business and position you as the go to Physical Therapist in your local community. People will make judgments about your clinic based on what they see online before visiting. We intentionally and effectively control that perception.

Websites That Convert Visitors to Clients

We ensure your website is built for conversion: consumers expect websites to be mobile-optimized, fast, and informative, and they expect immediate response from you when they contact you through your website. That’s why we ensure a mobile-friendly website that provides your potential clients with several means of communication including web chat to text message. We know how important it is for you to respond to inquiries immediately, so we use technology and automation for quick response, until you or your staff are available to contact the client. We deliver a seamless experience that guides your website visitors smoothly from reading information on your website to booking an appointment online. We install irresistible lead magnets deliberately targeting people looking for relief from pain.

Be Everywhere. Be Accurate. Be At the Top.

Make your business easy to find. It’s crucial that you have accurate listings on numerous listing sites to optimize your chances of getting found online. Consistent NAP (Name Address Phone Number) for your local clinic is a critical ranking factor for search engines like Google. A survey found that 81% of people rely on online search engines or online business directories as their primary source of local business information. We’ll manage your listings consistency in 60+ directories with voice search optimization to help prospects easily find you. We’ll establish a solid Local Online Presence and Authority for your clinic.

Show Up on Google’s Local Pack and Maps.

Optimizing your Google Business Profile is a simple way to enhance your online presence on Google. According to Google, customers are more likely to visit businesses with a complete Google Business Profile (GBP). If your GBP is not completely optimized with adequate keywords for all your services, you are losing clients to the other PTs, chiropractors and even massage therapists near you. We authored the book that makes it easy for you to optimize your Google Business Profile. Get the e-book. 10 Steps to Optimize Your Google Business Profile to Enhance Your Presence on Google and Win Customers. Use the simple step-by-step instructions to optimize your Google Business Profile or let our team of experts help you optimize your Google Business Profile. Google is a lucrative source for online presence. Look better than your competitors for both the search engines and visitors. Here’s what we mean. Take a look at the Google Business Profile of the two physical therapy clinics in the photo and draw your own conclusion.

Acquire Reviews and Respond to All Reviews

Acquiring reviews and responding to them is one of the key strategies for enhancing your online reputation. More than 60% of people read online reviews before deciding whether to schedule an appointment with a service provider. We’ll help you get reviews from patients so that you can improve your online presence, rank higher in search results, and convert more leads to clients. Unlike other marketing companies, we’ll respond to all your reviews for you because we know that Google values interaction and considers customer reviews and the business owner’s response as a form of interaction. This will help your clinic rank higher on Google and it will help with converting online visitors to clients.

Fill Your Calendar with Past and Forgotten Clients.

As a Physical Therapist, you know how important it is to keep your clients coming back. It costs five times less to get existing and previous clients to come back than to get new clients. So why not put a process in place to make them come back routinely.

We are HIPAA certified and only request for the minimum ePHI required to run reactivation campaigns, follow-up campaigns and all necessary resell campaigns. We implement lead nurturing for new leads and past client nurturing to fill up your appointment calendar.

With strategic campaigns to remind, reactivate, and resell your past and existing clients, we can pre-book future appointments months in advance and fill the empty spots in your appointment calendar. We have the technology to keep this consistent and our Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) and email service provider, are HIPAA compliant. We abide by HIPAA’s Minimum Necessary Principal, the ePHI Security Rule and provide a Business Associate Agreement to our Physical Therapists before implementing Resell.

We can even reactivate forgotten clients. If your PT Practice is in a Direct Access State, inviting your clients back is a no brainer. According to the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) all 50 states and the US Virgin Islands all enjoy a form of direct access to physical therapist services.