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HIPAA-compliant digital marketing solutions for Physical Therapists and Integrative Medicine Practitioners, driven by deep industry knowledge, tailored to your specific needs and goals. We provide the best digital marketing services for Holistic, Alternative, Integrative Medicine and PT Clinics. Work with our Denver, Colorado based digital marketing agency and watch your business dominate the market.

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What We Do

At DaDigitalSense Marketing, we redefine digital marketing for holistic health practitioners and physical therapy clinics by merging traditional strategies with cutting-edge AI and automation technologies. Our tailored approach focuses on enhancing your online visibility and patient engagement, ensuring your practice stands out in a crowded digital landscape. By optimizing core marketing pillars—Reputation, Resell, Retargeting, and Reach—we drive sustainable growth and profitability. Our commitment to HIPAA compliance and personalized service ensures a partnership built on trust and direct communication, setting the foundation for your practice's success.

At our agency, we believe that communication is the key to every successful relationship. That's why our clients have direct access to the personal cell phone number of our company founder. At Dadigitalsense, you won't be handed over to an account manager - we believe in building a personal relationship with every client.

Let us help you achieve your marketing goals and take your business to the next level. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve predictable and sustainable growth for your practice.

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How We Ensure Growth

We Help Holistic, Integrative Medicine and PT Clinics Grow by Implementing and Optimizing Four Critical Marketing Systems.

These are not revolutionary strategies or secrets. These are proven marketing systems. Businesses that don’t optimize at least two of these systems will face slow and unpredictable revenue growth.

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Protect, enhance, and maintain your reputation. Reputation is the foundation of the four marketing systems. Reputation is not all about reviews. This is the process of proactively using tools, processes, and systems to be aware of and influence the perception of your business in the marketplace. How do you show up online? According to Google, the loading speed of your website impacts the reputation of your business for both search engines and visitors.

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We nurture your leads until they become customers. When they become customers, we continue to pour love on them. Are you maximizing the value of your past and existing client base? It costs five times more to acquire a new customer than it does to encourage a past or existing customer to make another purchase. By driving repeat purchases from your current customer base, you can increase revenue, profitability, and long-term growth.

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Are you doing all you can to keep the attention of your prospects and customers until they buy? Retargeting is a way to make sure the prospects who already show some degree of interest in doing business with you by visiting your website or exploring any of your digital asset, see your business over and over again. Because these ads are directed at warm prospects, it’s the highest ROI advertising you’ll ever do.

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Did you know that 95.91% of all clicks occur on page 1 of Google, and the top three positions deliver 58.4% of traffic? With our REACH services, we can help you improve your online presence and visibility, making sure that your business is seen by the people who matter most. Our REACH services go beyond paid ads, using proven strategies and tactics to help you connect with your target customers and achieve predictable growth.

If you’re like most service-based small business owner, you’ve probably been stuck in the “feast or famine” cycle for some time now. And it’s not for lack of trying, either—you’ve started a blog, email marketing, posted on social media, and maybe even tried to set up a funnel or two. Implementing any of these four proven marketing systems will grow your business at least 25%. If you are applying these systems and are not getting consistent growth, let’s help you find the gaps in your marketing. Click the button below to do an audit.

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