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We connect local businesses to their customers by creating a Network of screens that have our Indoor Digital Billboard in their location. These screens display ads about the business hosting the screen, ads for local businesses in the area, and relevant local content. This network of screens allows you to reach your customers where they work, shop, eat, play and exercise!

With almost 200 locations in Colorado and almost 2,000 nationwide, we have a location for your target customers. Check out our Colorado locations and see what we can do to help you today! 

Indoor Billboard

Our Indoor Billboards are in popular places all over town. From restaurants to gyms to auto shops, your ads will be playing wherever your customers go!

Digital Billboards can’t be skipped or paused or blocked, and targets people on the go – where they spend 70% of their waking hours.

Target your customers when they are on the go in their daily lives.

Host an indoor digital billboard 

Becoming a part of our Indoor Billboard Network allows you to talk to your customers in a whole new way. 

We will install an Indoor Digital Billboard that has messaging to educate and up-sell your existing customers with eye-catching ads. Your ads will also be played in other nearby Host locations that are noncompeting.

Digital Marketing

We offer a complete digital marketing package, combining digital marketing services with Aurora’s largest indoor digital billboard network. We begin by establishing a solid local online presence for your business. We are not a social media or website design company so our solution will not be narrowly focused on social media or building a new website for you. Since we look at the big picture, we strategize based on your online presence as a whole. Then, we walk you through a comprehensive assessment of your online presence and allow you to decide where you would like to start. We are the most cost effective way to target your customers online and offline.

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