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Your business needs to find cost-effective ways of staying visible. Online presence and a great reputation is the foundation of every kind of marketing. You need to discover the right venue to share your brand’s value, target your audience where they frequent, are comfortable and spend enough time to absorb your message. And you want people to remember your brand. You also know that being found online is vital to your business's growth. You want your brand to cultivate a solid digital presence, yet, building your visibility is not easy.

To market your business, you need the opportunity to deliver strong messages that cannot be ignored. As a business owner, there’s nothing worse than losing trust, feeling frustrated, or overwhelmed by all the choices out there.


If you have ever wanted to grow your business in this digital world without feeling confused about how to reach your desired goals, you are in the right place.

DaDigitalSense Marketing focuses on the four proven marketing systems for success. Proper implementation of these marketing systems will ignite growth at your business well beyond the levels you’ve likely achieved in the past. It all comes down to establishing trust, building a solid reputation, and utilizing cost effective means of growing your business without wasting money on expensive ads.

Work with an Entrepreneur You Can Trust, Has Been in Your Shoes and Believes in The Power of Perseverance

Abigail Ogbe, Founder of DaDigitalSense Marketing


The conversation that follows when I tell people that I’m a digital marketer, is about how they have spent a lot of money on marketing without results. With digital marketing, they received reports with complex analytic data but little to no new customers. Others are reluctant to start online marketing because of the complexity and inflated cost. I have once been in your shoes. When I owned my franchise business, none of the analytics made sense. As a Franchisee at that time, all I needed was more customers not more data. As an avid learner, I dived into analytics and obtained the Advanced Google Analytics Certification. Even with a clear understanding of marketing analytics, several marketing certificates, including certification from Google, the numbers don’t give me as much joy as stories from my customers. I live and work for stories like those from Dr. Katzoff whose PT Practice had a 52% increase in customers within 6 months, without paying for ads.

My 15 years’ experience in business has helped me build tenacity and resilience. I understand the unique challenges small business owners face, and believe in the power of small business.

I am a strategist and like to simplify tasks. Let me simplify your digital marketing and help you grow your business. My customized marketing strategies bring results.

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