Win Back Patients with 5 Effective Retargeting Techniques for Your PT Clinic

For physical therapy clinics, retaining existing patients and re-engaging past visitors is just as important as attracting new ones. Retargeting is a powerful digital marketing strategy that allows your clinic to recapture the attention of those who have previously interacted with your website or content without scheduling appointments or continuing services.

In this comprehensive guide, we unveil five proven retargeting techniques designed specifically for physical therapy clinics to win back patients and amplify patient retention. We also discuss the benefits of collaborating with a dedicated digital marketing agency like Dadigitalsense Marketing, which offers targeted solutions for physical therapists and integrative medicine practitioners.

Implementing these retargeting strategies will boost your clinic’s patient growth and fortify long-term success by staying connected with past visitors and maintaining strong relationships with existing patients.

1: Utilize Pixel-based Retargeting Across Advertising Platforms

Using pixel-based retargeting is one of the most effective techniques to reconnect with previous visitors to your physical therapy clinic’s website. This strategy involves placing a small piece of code, or pixel, on your website, which then allows you to track visitors, create custom audiences, and serve them specific targeted ads on platforms such as Google and Facebook.

By implementing pixel-based retargeting, you can optimize your ad spend and ensure your ads are solely displayed to those who have shown interest in your clinic. Craft compelling ads with clear, personalized messaging, and a strong call-to-action (CTA) that encourages past visitors to re-visit your website and schedule an appointment. Make sure to diligently monitor and analyze your retargeting campaigns’ performance to optimize results and maximize your return on investment.

2: Segment and Target Based on Visitor Behavior

When deploying retargeting campaigns, it is crucial to segment your audience based on their behavior and interactions on your website. Your physical therapy clinic’s audience may consist of individuals looking for different services, first-time visitors, or those who abandoned the appointment booking process midway.

Segmenting audiences allows you to create highly customized ads for each group based on their specific needs and interests. For example, you can use retargeting ads to highlight a specific service relevant to a visitor who viewed a particular page or nudge those who abandoned the booking process to complete their appointment. By tailoring your ad creative and messaging to better resonate with each segment, you improve the chances of winning back patients and driving higher engagement.

3: Focus on Email Retargeting for Existing Patients

Utilizing email retargeting can significantly enhance your clinic’s patient re-engagement and retention efforts. With email retargeting, you can leverage email tracking tools to evaluate your email marketing campaign’s effectiveness, identify potential opportunities, and re-engage patients who haven’t opened or clicked your emails.

Additionally, consider establishing a repurposing strategy based on patients’ past engagement with your clinic. For example, if they visited your clinic a year ago for sports-related therapy but haven’t returned, send targeted follow-up emails highlighting recent advancements in sports therapy, success stories, or special promotions for such treatments.

Design emails with engaging content, personalized subject lines, and CTAs and never rely on generic email blasts. Always analyze your email marketing metrics, such as open rates and click-through rates, to continuously optimize your email retargeting strategy and maximize patient re-engagement.

4: Leverage Social Media Retargeting for Increased Engagement

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn offer powerful retargeting tools, enabling you to reconnect with past visitors and patients in a more personalized and engaging way. Utilize the platforms’ retargeting features, such as Facebook’s Custom Audiences or LinkedIn’s Matched Audiences, to effectively reach people who have previously interacted with your clinic’s website or content.

Create eye-catching social media ads featuring compelling visuals, such as images or videos of your physical therapy clinic, success stories, or updates on new treatment options. Use location and demographic targeting features to ensure your retargeting ads are reaching the right audience and driving higher engagement with your clinic.

5: Offer Time-Sensitive Promotions and Incentives

Creating time-sensitive promotions or incentives can provide an extra push for past visitors and patients to return to your clinic sooner. Design retargeting ads that highlight your clinic’s limited-time offers, such as discounts on specific treatment packages, free therapeutic consultations, or exclusive workshops, and events.

Urgency in your advertising can encourage prospective patients to take immediate action, so make sure your ads have clear, strong CTAs that direct them to conversion-focused landing pages. These landing pages should be tailored to the promotion or incentive and provide detailed information on the offer, its benefits, and how to redeem it.

Implementing these retargeting techniques can greatly improve your physical therapy clinic’s patient acquisition and retention efforts. By staying connected with past visitors and maintaining strong relationships with your existing patients, you create a solid foundation for your clinic’s long-term success and growth. Remember, retargeting requires continuous optimization, and as you gather data and insights, your strategies should evolve to better serve your audience and clinic’s objectives.


Effective retargeting techniques, including pixel-based retargeting, audience segmentation, email retargeting, social media retargeting, and offering time-sensitive promotions, can greatly boost your physical therapy clinic’s patient re-engagement and retention. Implementing and optimizing these strategies will drive return visits, maintain existing patient relationships, and ultimately contribute to your clinic’s long-term growth.

To maximize the results of your retargeting campaigns, consider partnering with a dedicated digital marketing agency like Dadigitalsense Marketing, a physical therapy marketing agency. Our team of skilled professionals can guide and streamline your efforts, ensuring that your clinic’s digital marketing initiatives consistently drive patient engagement and conversions.