Google My Business Account Restoration Tips

As a business owner, you’re likely already aware of the importance of GMB management services. This powerful tool allows you to connect with your customers, boost your sales, and increase your credibility.

But what happens if your Google My Business account is suspended? This is a frustrating setback, but it won’t be permanent. Let’s take a look at what can get your Google My Business account suspended and how to restore your account access if this happens to you.

What Can Cause Your Google My Business Account To Be Suspended?

Google takes great care in vetting the business accounts they choose to host. People look to Google My Business pages for accurate, up-to-date information, and Google can be stringent in ensuring that these pages contain exactly that.

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Navigating Google’s requirements might seem like a hassle, but high standards for Google My Business pages are to the customers’ benefit — and yours as well. Your customers want to know they can trust you, and you want your customers to enjoy easy access to everything you have to offer.

What can get your business temporarily booted?

  • False claims about products or services: You must accurately represent your business.
  • Different variations or incorrect spelling of your business name: Google My Business Guidelines require that you use your business name as it appears on your storefront and website.

How to Restore Your Google My Business Account Post-Suspension

Unfortunately, Google does not provide a specific reason for suspensions. They simply direct account owners to review the Google My Business Guidelines.

If you don’t know what led to your suspension after reading the list of possible reasons for suspension above, you’ll need to review the full guidelines. If you still can’t find any issues, you can contact Google directly. Otherwise, follow the directions below.

To restore your suspended Google My Business account:

Incorrect or recently changed address, website, name, business hours, or contact information: Like your business name, any variance between information on your website and your Google My Business account can lead to suspension.

Unnecessary profile information (keyword stuffing): Adding any unnecessary information after your business name to improve SEO is against Google My Business guidelines.

Online business: Google My Business listings aren’t available for online-only businesses.

Duplicate address: If you share a building with another business, and you both list the same address, both accounts may be suspended.

URL redirects or leads to a social media profile: Your account URL must lead directly to your company website. Special landing pages and social media profiles aren’t permitted.

While this isn’t an all-inclusive list, these are the most common reasons Google My Business accounts are suspended. What do you do if your account is suspended, then?

  • Submit a reinstatement request: After you make the necessary changes to your account to rectify what you believe led to the suspension, you can request reinstatement. You will need to complete the Google My Business local business reinstatement request. Google emphasizes that you should only submit one request to avoid confusion and delays. Most reinstatement requests are reviewed within three business days.
  • Contact Google: If you don’t hear back on your reinstatement or your request is denied, you’ll need to contact Google. If your request was denied, include any information that may support the legitimacy of your profile, such as photos of your business signage and address.