Physical Therapists Can Fill Their Calendar at Low-cost with Reactivation and Resell

Physical therapy is a critical aspect of the healthcare industry, providing patients with the support they need to overcome injuries, illnesses, and other health challenges. However, operating a successful physical therapy practice can be challenging, especially when it comes to filling the appointment calendar and growing the clinic in a consistent, predictable manner. Fortunately, there are cost effective strategies that physical therapists can use to achieve these goals: reactivation and resell.

Acquiring new patients is crucial, but once they are in your clinic, reactivation and resell are the simplest and most cost-effective marketing tactics to keep them coming back and referring others to your practice. Some predictive analyses have shown as much as 10 times less to reactivate a lapsed client than it takes to acquire a new one. Make these low-cost marketing strategies a cornerstone of your physical therapy marketing efforts.

Physical Therapy Marketing at low cost

Reactivation: Reconnecting with Former Patients

Reactivation refers to the process of reconnecting with former patients who have not been seen in a while. These patients may have completed their plan of care, discontinued treatment, or simply lost touch with the physical therapy clinic. Reactivating these patients can be an effective way to fill up the PT clinic’s appointment calendar because they already have a relationship with the physical therapist and may be more likely to return for additional treatment with proper communication.

Strategies for Reactivating Former Patients

  1. Utilize Multi-Channel Strategies
  2. Avoid Salesy Follow-Up Strategies
  3. Implement the “Caring Provider Follow-Up” Strategies

The key to success is to stay connected with the patient as a caring provider, with multi-channel personalized communication. To effectively reconnect with former patients, it is important to ditch generic, standard newsletters and instead, tailor your communication to each individual patient. The standard newsletter approach may have been effective in the past, but with the constant flood of information in people’s inboxes from various providers such as dentists, chiropractors, insurance agents, and plumbers, it has become less effective and even annoying.

Differentiate yourself by adopting a personalized, multi-channel approach that demonstrates your commitment to your patients’ health above all else. Show that you are a caring provider who is invested in their well-being and success.

Maximizing Your Reach: Multi-Channel Communication Strategies

To effectively reconnect with former patients, it is important to utilize a variety of multi-channel communication strategies such as personalized email marketing, voice drops, SMS marketing, video marketing, and retargeting. With the aid of advanced technology and AI, personalized messages are now easier and have a higher success rate.

General messages when strategically incorporated with personalized messages can be successful. For instance, sending an email to former patients with updates on the clinic, including any new services or treatments that are now available. This will not only keep the former patients informed about the clinic but may also encourage them to book a follow-up appointment.

When done properly, reactivation can also lead to new patient recruitment through referrals from satisfied, reactivated patients. Direct mail and social media outreach can also be used as part of a retargeting strategy to bring back past patients.

Resell: Maximizing Opportunities with Current Patients

Resell refers to the process of selling additional services or treatments to current patients. This can be an effective way to fill up the calendar because these patients are already familiar with the clinic and have a relationship with the physical therapist. Moreover, selling additional services or treatments to current patients can help to increase revenue and grow the clinic.

Physical therapists can sell additional services or treatments by conducting a thorough evaluation of each patient’s needs and making recommendations based on their specific goals and objectives. For example, if a patient has completed their initial treatment plan, the physical therapist can recommend additional exercises or therapies that can help to prevent future injuries or improve their overall health.

It’s important to remember that most patients want the same thing: a good experience with their physical therapist. By utilizing multi-channel strategies, avoiding salesy follow-up strategies, and implementing the “caring provider follow-up” strategies, physical therapists can stay top of mind with past and current patients.

Physical Therapy Marketing Resell Strategies

Conclusion: Taking Your Physical Therapy Practice to the Next Level

In conclusion, reactivation and resell are powerful tools for physical therapists to fill their calendar and grow their clinic. Reactivation and resell are low-cost marketing for Physical Therapists. By reconnecting with former patients and offering additional services or treatments to current patients, physical therapists can expand their patient base, boost revenue, and enhance their patients’ overall health and well-being.

For expert guidance on utilizing multi-channel communication strategies and the “Caring Provider Follow-Up” approach, consider reaching out to DaDigitalSense Marketing. With the help of cutting-edge technology and AI, DaDigitalSense Marketing is able to provide these services at an affordable cost. Take the next step in maximizing the success of your physical therapy practice, with effective and low-cost marketing for Physical therapists.