Most franchise business owners find it hard to compete with local players; why? Because they don’t get enough custom local marketing support from their respective franchisors. At DaDigitalSense Marketing, we understand the challenges you face as a franchisee. As experienced franchisees, we know that you need to go out there and promote your business online to convert local customers, while maintaining the franchisor’s branding rules. We specialize in location specific marketing for physical therapy franchisees. Are you looking for a local digital marketing partner that can work within your franchisor’s stringent branding guidelines?

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Establish a Robust Local Online Presence

To make your franchise business stand out from other local businesses, you need to optimize your digital presence so that it shows up in local search results.

We kickstart your local SEO by creating and optimizing your business profile on Google My Business and all the prominent local business directories. We start by researching the keywords that are popular for your specific franchise location and customize your location-specific marketing based on these keywords and your target customers’ buying behavior. We research your local competitors and keep an eye on the successful ones and those with aggressive marketing strategies. Based on our research, we optimize your content marketing efforts. This includes your social media content and content for your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business). Our experts help you optimize your franchise business’s social media presence for the desired level of local visibility. We help you establish local authority so that your prospects trust you and love doing business with you.

We put significant efforts on Google Maps marketing because we know that it’s not just about getting visible on Google searches but also positioning your business as a serious brand. As former franchisees, we know the importance of maintaining branding consistency and at the same time customizing your message for your local audience.

We provide:

  • Customized digital marketing strategy for PT franchisees targeting the local market
  • Review acquisition and reputation management for franchisees
  • Location based landing page design and maintenance while keeping to branding rules
  • Hyper local social media marketing that focuses on your target audience.
  • Location based content marketing targeted at the local audience.
  • Local SEO includes Google Business Profile optimization and maintenance, Local Listings and Directory management for franchisees, optimizing for voice search and optimizing for mobile.
  • We do analytics and reporting, and have advanced certificates from Google for analytics, however, from personal experience as franchisees, the monthly customer growth is more important than complex analytical reports. Our goal is to see your customers increase significantly, every month.

Online Review Management Services

It’s common for customers to check business reviews before making a purchase. When you get into a new franchise arrangement, and establish a new location, you must establish trust for that location. That’s where you need the help of an online reputation management company like DaDigitalSense. We help you generate new positive reviews and reply to all your online reviews. This way, we help you manage your online reputation and get people to buy your products and services.

Voice Search Optimization Services

We do everything that help you get your franchise business higher up in the local search listings, including voice search optimization. As a significant percentage of all online searches are now voice searches, it’s critical for you to optimize your business for such search queries. What do we do? We’re a leading voice search optimization agency that help franchise business owners like you to execute this vital strategy for generating quality traffic and leads for your business.

Top-Notch Web Design Services

As a franchise business owner, having an impressive website that speaks to your local audience is key to getting the right level of conversions for your business. As a Physical Therapy Clinic, you need an SEO-friendly website that speaks to your target audience. DaDigitalSense is an experienced web design company. We help you build trust with prospective customers with a professional website that looks great, is easy to navigate, and appears on top of Google’s local search results. We understand if your franchisor provided you with a generic website that looks exactly like all the other franchisees’ websites. We are experts in location-based landing page design and maintenance that will speak to your specific audience.

High-Quality Content Marketing Services

Unique and engaging content is the best way to build a relationship with prospective clients. As a franchisee, you need an agency to help you create content that resonates with local clients. A loyal audience means more repeat visits and recurring revenues for your franchise business. At DaDigitalSense we work with high-quality content writers to help you publish search-friendly and audience-centric content regularly for your specific local audience.

At DaDigitalSense, we are committed to helping Physical therapists’ franchisees maximize the power of online marketing and technology to dominate their local competitors, while maintaining the Franchisor’s branding rules.